A List of Reasons to Sing …

The Human Seasons

# 3 It is night in the woods, and the owls are out.


Lodge Hill, Coldwaltham, West Sussex nr Pulborough Brooks nature reserve. Starry sky, camp fire, folk singers. May 7th 2016.

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A list of reasons to sing …

#1 The birth of a new family member  Giovanni Brandolini, 21/04/16, born under a beautiful full moon. Searching For Lambs (Sung by Elizabeth Bennett, learnt from the singing of Sandra Goddard) &nbs…

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A list of reasons to sing …

#2 Because it is finally May  Blunts Wood, East Sussex, May 2016 – bounded by the former Roman road to the south, and Deadmantree Hill to the west. The Lark in the Morning (Sung by Elizabeth …

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The Light Fantastic: Review of Enchanted Lewes (with 20% off tickets for LL readers)

Before I begin this post, I MUST apologise for my pictures. We went at 5pm and it was dark dark – and I only take pictures for this blog on my iPhone as I cannot be fiddling around with a digital S…

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What does archaeology sound like?

Public Archaeology 2015

I couldn’t decide on a project for Public Archaeology 2015, given a multitude of personal mishaps and a year of my interest in grey literature waning, as my interest in writing the future best-selling coffee table book of 2016 (‘Erratica’, a journey through mythic geology and great big bits of rock) grew. So I left the choice of the final project to random chance, well, to Twitter, and did a poll, as it’s all the rage. Doing a poll was interesting, and it was good to hear the comments from people on their specific interests in each of the choices. I shall follow each choice up eventually over 2016 (Erratica will make my millions I bet) but 45% of the voters decided that Archaeology Sounds was the winner.


What does archaeology sound like? What are ‘archaeological’ sounds? What noises does the practise make? (No, not like hot air being…

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Folk songs and Footpaths: Part 1

Folk songs and Footpaths: Part 1.

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Footpaths and Folk Songs: Part 3

Footpaths and Folk Songs: Part 3.

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Folksongs and Foot Paths: Part 4

Folksongs and Foot Paths: Part 4.

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Folk songs and Footpaths: Part 5 & 6

Folk songs and Footpaths: Part 5 & 6.

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Hello, hello, hello! Emma and I have been up against it with various elements of our PhDs, so we’ve been rubbish members of the theatrical community. Luckily we have brilliant friends, such as Sarah Saeed, willing to do guests blogs for us. Fleet of course is a collective noun (one of our joint loves), and the West Pier is the best place in all the world to see a murmuration of starlings.

The marvellous Sarah Saeed is a Brighton-based arts production professional (ASM, production assistant, arts event organiser) for companies such as Zap Art, Beleza Brighton and Xobo Furniture and performer/actress (music comedy alter-ego Marianna Harlotta) She is currently embarking on the challenging adventure of running her own small-scale production company, The Elegant in the Room Productions.  They recently put their first show Diva of Disaster on at Brighton Fringe


Fleeting, Brighton Festival, May 2015

Sunday evening we went to Fleeting at Brighton Festival, on the seafront.   We weren’t completely sure what to expect, but I really wanted to arrive for the beginning to see how it would start, I was really surprised at just how many people were already waiting around on the beach (and also up on the road looking over) like an actual ‘event’ which was already quite exciting!

It was a good decision, I think, to get there from the start and see it all the way through, as it was pretty special to see the progression of the event through the evening, and as the light changed as it got later. The fire/fireworks took on a slightly different quality as the evening went on. It’s a shame it wasn’t longer because I personally could have hung out by the candles for longer than we did (and that was a couple of hours) the relaxing fire light/heat, everyone in lovely moods and beautiful music playing from the large speakers that also were playing a sound installation consisting of human voices, starlings en masse and other seaside sounds such as the tide. There was something meditative about the whole evening and this was reflected in the simple but effective formation performances that popped up several times as the evening went on (sometimes referencing startling formation with silver starlings on poles being controlled by the performers) and then were followed by a gorgeous firework display to swelling classical music.

I know we have the lovely Burning of the Clocks for the winter solstice but I have to say if they were able to recreate a version of Fleeting for summer solstice each year, as a regular summer Brighton ritual, I’d be there in a moment. People of all ages were all just wandering about or chatting and smiling, it was a lovely way to spend a Bank holiday Sunday, and the friends I took along with me were thrilled to have been introduced to it, just a gorgeous evening!  I enjoyed it as much as the Fire Garden for the festival a couple of years ago in St Ann’s Well Gardens (Cie Carabosse), although I have to say I loved Fleeting even more because of it’s seafront location, the West Pier is my favourite thing in Brighton so for me it was all pretty near perfect.   

Fleeting2  Fleeting

(Photos by Sarah Saeed, 2015)
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